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Violet Summer

By Violet Summer



August 21, 2022

AUGUST 21, 2022


Last updated March 21, 2024

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The Violet Verse community would not be what it is without the SENSATIONAL members. Especially our contributors. This guide is where users can learn to become a contributor. Feel the violet vibes and immerse yourself in the contributor workflow to achieve tokens, knowledge, and connection!

Start Here.

1. Join our writer's community on Console here.

2. Navigate to the #Contributors Channel. Create a thread and include Pitch Title and 2-3 sentences explaining the TL:DR. Include any resources or people to interview. It's not mandatory, but including your social handles and a portfolio/links to content samples helps our community get to know you and your work.

3. Open the Editorial Calendar and browse potential content pieces in the "Content Ideas" tab 


How to Use the VV Creator Publishing tool

  1. Make sure you are connected to VV with your wallet.
  2. Click on your "Profile Pic" and Click "Dashboard"
  3. Then click "Create A Post"
  4. Choose an Article Title that's 5-7 Words or Less 
  5. Write A TL:DR and Subtitle.
  6. Toggle to the Right to upload a photo from your local hard drive or IPFS.
  7. Photo formatting is as follows: 450x300 on homepage/article page. On the post itself, dimensions are 1920x1080.
  8. Toggle to the left to upload a video link from Youtube or Vimeo.
  9. Use Drop Cap For long for articles.
  10. Contributor post will automatically set in "draft status." A VV editorial partner will review and push live.
  11. Use at least 2-3 headlines to help readers understand core concepts and arguments.
  12. Make sure you add footnotes and references!
  13. Keep in mind AP Style Format 


**Disclaimer: Nothing on the Verse should be taken as financial advice. Please do your own research. VV utility reflects engagement on the protocol, accessing token-gated content and community events.


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