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Engage with our content by reading an article, watching the People of the Verse series, or visiting our Discord!

Violet Summer

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August 2, 2022

AUGUST 2, 2022


Last updated March 11, 2024

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Engage with our content by reading an article, watching the People of the Verse series, or visiting our Discord!

Read. Learn. Earn. Reward.

The Violet Verse has always been a place for creators, by creators. We believe that engagement should be rewarded, so with every interaction on the Violet Verse platform, you earn VV tokens! Token distribution is programmed into the smart contract and validated by unique minutes per session as a tokenomic strategy. Since 2015, we've nurtured a community of socially aware readers who garner inspiration and value from our curated content. Some of these readers are even lifelong supporters who should reap benefits as we build influence together through VV token. This cycle of trust will continue to evolve with our community media ethos that empowers our ecosystem. Here's how to earn and interact with the VV token:


Introducing The $VV Token

Earn Tokens

  • Read content on our platform and interact with it—the more you read and engage with content, the more tokens you'll earn!
  • Become a contributor. Readers can tip writers in VV tokens by clicking on their profile to see their wallet address and sending them VV.
  • Contributors can also earn VV tokens with Token-gated content. 90% of token-gated content goes directly to the creator. The other 10% of tokens goes back to the VV platform / community wallet.
  • Every blog Contributor blog submission is rewarded 1,000 VV tokens. 

Reward Tokens

Use your hard-earned tokens to get access to premium content that only people who have earned tokens can access! Get rewarded with exclusive NFTs from the VV shop ( which is coming late 2024). 

Key Insights

  • Token Supply: 100,000,000 
  • Token Symbol: VV

Getting Started: Make Sure You Are Connected To The Flow Blockchain

  1. In Brave, Chrome, Safari browser, go to: 🪐
  2. Connect with FLOW : Navigate to the top right hand corner of your browser and choose Blocto Wallet and enter your email address. Remember the email address associated with your Violet Verse account. 
  3. Go to your email address inbox and retrieve the 6-digit number to verify on the Verse. Once you type in the numbers, tap Connect and your profile and wallet should be shown on the top right of the homepage.
  4. Edit your profile by navigating to the top right. This is also where your Flow Wallet Address is located and starts with '0x' in the purple box.
  5. Refer to the right side of the screen for $VV Token balance. This balance will update as you navigate the platform. You can also view your token balance in your wallet.


How to Earn $VV Tokens:

  1. Click on "Explore" on the top right and start consuming Violet Verse Content
  2. Watch the "People of The Verse" Youtube Video Series.
  3. Visit our Discord or Console servers to tap into our Web3 Writers' Salon
  4. Interact with posts by "liking" and "commenting" on content
  5. $VV community members can send you VV tokens if you contribute to the site.
  6. If you are onboarded by a VV member, they can send you tokens as a gift for joining!


How to Collect $VV Tokens:

  1. Create or contribute something to the Violet Verse
  2. Attend a workshop or gathering
  3. Obtain VV tokens directly from  by interacting with VV contract address
  4. Explore VV contract on 


Disclaimer: This post should not be taken as financial advice. Please do your own research. VV token utility denotes reader engagement and can be used to access token-gated content and other Violet Verse NFTs only. 


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